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Mecca Robinson


A West Philadelphia native; Mecca Robinson is a Thirty + years award winning Social Servant.

Her outstanding involvement in child development, mentoring foster care youth and working with at-risk youth is impressive and known throughout the social service community in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

As an expert in youth issues, she is constantly seeking creative ways to foster a dynamic

learning environment and promote high quality service with continued improvement, using a holistic and person first approach to equip young people to return to a trauma-free life.

Mecca is committed to empowering young people, teaching dignity and providing them

the tools required to lead and sustain a clean and wholesome life. Throughout her lustrous career, Mecca has touched thousands of young people with her maternal approach, her

straightforwardness’ is compensated with both young people and her peers most sincere affection and respect.

Mecca is founder and CEO of Forget Me Knot Children and Youth Services where she

possesses skills in all aspects of fiscal management including contracting of services; adept at resolving conflicts and encouraging positive relationships; dedicated to supporting and guiding staff in professional development; skilled at working with professional staff, and teen and adult volunteers.

Mecca is responsible for developing a mentoring program that utilized volunteers to

provide an unparallel response in addressing the multitude of social needs of inter-City youth. Through her efforts…the mentor program was named the number one mentor program in the United States of Face Forward 2 programs.

Mecca strives to deepen the commitment of our youth to personal and civic

responsibility, respect for others and the community, qualities she believes is essential for young people to lead humane and productive lives in a democratic society.

Mecca Robinson is a peacemaker, change agent and a true testament of the

magnificence of God.

The definition of humility is the quality of being humble putting the needs of another person

before your own, and thinking of others before yourself. The people who come in contact with Mecca would say the true definition of humility is Mecca Robinson, she will never speak of her personal accomplishments, challenges and set backs, only say how can I help you?

Mecca Robinson is a peacemaker, change agent and a true testament of the magnificence

of God.

(215) 223-3621

Mecca Robinson
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