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Youth Art Project

Our Programs

Forget Me Knot Children & Youth Services began through street outreach and school initiatives in Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ. Even then, FMKCYS was providing young people with one-on-one and group mentoring, job readiness, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, employment, educational enrichment and peer groups focused on identity, purpose and cognitive development. Realizing that a growing population of young people served were affected by homelessness, sex trafficking, poverty and trauma, the need to obtain a central location became paramount.

FMKCYS is a Human Service organization that provides education, employment,

business development, community service and trauma informed support groups and case management for youth and families. In addition, Forget Me Knot Children & Youth Services operates as a drop-in day center, group home, and supportive housing to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 12-20. Since being established in 2015, Forget Me Knot Children & Youth Services has provided services for more than 1,400 youth and families in Philadelphia and Camden County. FMKCYS is a Licensed Residential Treatment Center through Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

Drop In Center

A welcoming drop-in center, providing a safe haven and vital resources for youth in need.

Workforce Development

Equipping youth with skills and opportunities for success through transformative workforce development.

Social Enterprise & Entrepreneur Development

Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and fostering social enterprise among youth for sustainable impact.

Rites Of Passage

Guiding youth through transformative rites of passage, empowering growth and self-discovery.

Culinary thru Black Kids Can Cook

Igniting culinary passions among youth through engaging programs by Black Kids Can Cook.

Spectrum Doula Lactation Counseling

Providing compassionate support and expert lactation counseling through Spectrum Doula.

Art Therapy

Unlocking creativity, healing, and self-expression through transformative art therapy.


Efficient management, ensuring seamless coordination and impactful delivery of youth services.

Digital Marketing

Equipping youth with essential, new age digital marketing skills through engaging and interactive classes

Mentorship & Case Management

Guided growth through personalized mentorship and comprehensive case management.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Promoting healthy choices, and preventing substance abuse through dedicated programs.

Family & Community Engagement

Building strong bonds, fostering collaboration, and empowering youths.

CPR 1st Aid thru American Red Cross

Equipping youth with life-saving skills through CPR and First Aid training by American Red Cross.

Baby Sitting thru American Red Cross

Empowering youth with essential babysitting skills through American Red Cross training programs.

Youth Speaks

Youth speaks, empowering voices and advocating for vital youth services and support.

Sister to Sister Pow Wow 

A sisterhood of support, fostering empowerment and connection.

When Men Gather

When men gather, inspiring positive role models and fostering growth for youth services.

Digital Marketing

Forget Me Knot offers CPR/First AID/AED Training for Adults and Pediatrics

Help Support Our Vision

Join us in supporting our vision to create a brighter future for youth in need, empowering them to thrive and reach their full potential.

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